Rollin’ Away the Years: A Brief History of ATA

It was a bitter cold January morning back in 1992, when a young, scrappy, Midwestern transplant, bolted up in bed and boldly declared, “Eureka!  I have found my life’s calling!  I am going to start an outdoor media company and sell bus signs.”

Ok, so that might not be quite how it happened.  But who could have known that this once aspiring actress, writer, artist, who had envisioned a career writing clever advertising copy or making it big on in radio and television had unintentionally set the wheels in motion on a path that meant devoting her entire adult life to outdoor media sales.

In reality, it all came about after helping the local public transit provider with some marketing strategies, and realizing that they were missing out on opportunities to generate much-needed revenue through exterior bus advertising.  Quickly, it became apparent that the issue wasn’t exclusive to the seacoast, but that all public transit agencies in New Hampshire, Maine and beyond, with fleets that consisted of 10-44 buses, really needed to be networked together so media buyers could easily buy into these beautiful, dynamic markets.

And that is how ATA was born over 24 years ago.

The work has been meaningful. We continually contribute to the health and well being of our beautiful communities in the sense that the transit advertising funds we raise are used as local match, so the dollars raised multiply.  The much-needed revenue means people have greater access to jobs, school and healthcare and that our communities stay connected through viable transportation options.

The work has been fun. ATA was the first to introduce creative bus wraps north of Boston back in 1993.  We have seen hundreds of clever, eye-catching, colorful campaigns over the years.  It is still an exciting process to take flat art from a screen and launch it three-dimensionally into the busy streets for all to take notice.

ATA First Bus Wrap
First full bus wrap north of Boston, 1993

Now, nearly 25 years later, we are adding “Outdoor” to our name as we continue to grow and expand beyond transit advertising into new territory with new outdoor options including billboards and on-site digital.

So, welcome to ATA Outdoor.  Give us a call.  We will take care of you and make sure every advertising dollar spent on outdoor advertising gets a lot of mileage.

Warmly Yours,

Jane Marlow Cutter, Co-Founder and President

ATA Outdoor